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In early November I traveled to Egypt with ten like-minded spiritual friends for a two-week mystical journey into the heart of it’s ancient lineage. I became fascinated with Egypt after reading The Sophia Code a living transmission from Kaia Ra. I learned about the Egyptian pre-history times of her-story and became acquainted with the Egyptian reigns of Hathor and Isis. Through the Hathor and Isis initiations in The Sophia Code I felt deep communion and knowing of those ancient pre-his-tory times. Inside my heart I knew that if I had the opportunity to visit Egypt I would go to experience firsthand the divine feminine energies of Hathor and Isis.

On the first day visiting  the pyramids of Giza I heard the phrase over and over again from Egyptians, “Welcome Home.” It immediately spoke to my soul self and felt so right. Yes, I’ve come home to my ancient spiritual source. Later on our Nile journey to visit many beautiful ancient structures our guide said in describing Isis, ” She is the throne. He sits on the throne.” The words resonated and I felt their truth. The sacred feminine all-encompassing loving energy holds the container for the sacred masculine power of discernment and gentle inner protective strength to emerge, bringing balance to the world. I realized that unconsciously so much of my upcoming book, Life is a Song of Love, a Woman’s Spiritual Journey of the Heart and Womb was sourced from the ancient her-story wisdom in Egypt.

I wrote in my book about the fall of Atlantis. “Fear is also enfolded in the divine. Many Atlanteans increasingly became enamored with the intellect. Their eventual arrogance created a sound explosion and humanity’s first major fall into duality. The original Atlantean legacy of complete immersion with the Holy Mother balanced with the Holy Father remained in Egypt under the divine feminine reigns of Hathor and Isis, both known as Queens of Heaven. This halted for thousands of years within Egypt much of the attempts to subdue the Holy Mother aspect of God. Isis and Hathor’s legacy continued with the Order of the Magdalenes which became part of the Essene communities of Christ Love.”

The ancient pre-his-story times of Egypt was a time when we knew that creation was fueled by sound, resonance and vibration. While the current Egyptian government does not talk about this¾the pyramids, obelisks and ancient structures were built to carry sound and song to glorify and co-create the first golden age of earth glorifying our divine humanity. Because most of the world still lives within patriarchal governments, the ancient energy was difficult to feel at times in modern day Egypt. I had to wade through grief at the dismantling of the divine feminine and the relentless attempts by the representatives of authority to squelch any singing, meditating, praying, dancing and talk about spiritual aspects of the ancient teachings. However it can still be discerned and the ancient energy felt. Eventually by accepting my anger and letting it go, the ancient loving energy prevailed.

It is difficult to describe or explain the profound feelings of connection and communion with ancient Egypt. Several times I felt myself walking and singing side by side with Isis’s singers co-creating from another life time to co-create the new earth. I received a Cosmic knowing of where the title for my book originated¾for during Hathor and Isis’s reigns life was wholeheartedly lived as a song of love. We are creating a new golden age on earth and the ancient Egyptian her-story provides the divine blueprint for our transformation. Once again I want to sing our transformation into being. I want the world to be filled with the song of angels. I want to sing each day into being with all the Mother’s relations on earth joining in the Oneness of our divine perfection. I know this is possible because Egypt awakened the memories of how this can be.

Women mystics are emissaries for divine feminine compassionate consciousness. More and more women are leaving behind their victim role to embrace life through their unique soul songs. In my book I wrote, “As women heal, they lead the way, holding the space for men to go inward to set free their sacred feminine energy.” “The separated ego in the guise of left-brain intellectual reason and logic tries to suppress the divine feminine at all costs because it knows that a woman in her full power of balanced feminine and masculine energy will dissolve separation consciousness permanently.” 

Text copyright: Sally Patton 2022

(“Life is a Song of Love” publication date is October 27, 2023.)

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