Life is a Song of Love
by Sally Patton

The symbol of the cosmic egg is shown in the center of the labyrinth which is a metaphor for the heroine's spiritual journey. The egg represents the womb of the Cosmic Mother—the cosmos held within every one of us. The snake represents the creative kundalini life force of the feminine and masculine energy joined in Oneness. In the snake's mouth is a rose and a lily. The rose is associated with Mother Mary as God's sacred feminine presence of love and divine miracles. The Lily is often associated with Mary Magdalene as the sacred feminine energy of purity, transformation and rebirth.

The Heroine’s inner mystical journey of self-love and forgiveness dissolves lifetimes and decades of patriarchal conditioning returning us to Oneness.

Welcome, I’m Sally Patton.

For over half her life, Sally Patton has engaged in a contemplative, spiritual practice to awaken from separation consciousness. In Life is a Song of Love, she draws upon channeled non-dual teachings from Yeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and other ascended masters such as: Buddha, Kali Ma, Quan Yin and Isis combined with a variety of teachings from many faith traditions and spiritual paths, to answer a unique call to be an emissary of Divine Feminine Compassionate Consciousness. The Holy Mother has returned to heal into wholeness the division between feminine and masculine energies necessary to end thousands of years of patriarchal domination. Sally helps women wake to the strength of the Mother within, embracing the sacredness of all life on Mother Earth.

The Divine feminine

The Heroine's Mystical Journey

Walking the labyrinth is a metaphor for the heroine’s spiritual journey. We weave in and out on our path of healing and awakening. Its unicursal path folds in and out eventually taking us into the heart of the Mother. 

We can’t get lost.

As in life, our spiritual path is not straight. We can get stuck for a while in our process. 

Sometimes our path takes us almost to the center of our being but then we get distracted and our path takes us out of our center before the folding in and out leads back into the center of our heart womb.

The Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound

The mother daughter wound was created when masculine and feminine energies were separated and associated with male and female bodies. With separation, we denied and suppressed the divine feminine. 

While the Divine Mother’s all-encompassing love can never be extinguished, her origin sound, resonances and energy were reduced to a glimmer, a distant muted tone. 

Because women were conditioned over thousands of years to be the primary purveyors of patriarchy, it is the mother daughter relationship that needs to heal first in order for women to rise from the victim mentality to embrace our wild sacred creative feminine energy.

The Great Tuning to Love

Creation is sound, resonance, vibration, tone and rhythm. Our hearts vibrate and resonate with all creation and we sing our heart song in harmony with all heart songs. I call this the Great Tuning to love.

Everything unlike love has risen to the surface to be healed into the light. It is a pivotal, chaotic and polarizing time. And sometimes it feels as if we are going backwards. It requires great faith to believe we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. We are riding the sound wave of renaissance that sings our unique Divine Blueprint of our Christ Selves sourced from the Cosmic Mother Father. 

The Great Tuning is about tuning to our higher vibration’s song to lead in love. It is time now for all humanity to flourish.

Focus Areas

Fierce Love

Fierce Love is sourced from our Divine Mother. Fierce love emerges when we love ourselves free from feelings of shame, blame, regret and unworthiness. 

It involves our willingness to look with clear loving eyes at the shadow place where we’ve hidden: our deepest fear, uncertainties and doubt; painful experiences we wish to forget; and emotions and feelings we’ve been taught to ignore. 

This shadow place is hidden within our inner child, the wounded child feeling cut off from our God Self and the knowledge of Oneness. When we love ourselves warts and all we will be able to forgive the unforgivable and love the unlovable.

Wisdom Weavers

We can learn from the ancient grandmothers and become wise women with them, through the Universal Grandmother archetype. 

We access our ancient wisdom from the pre-his-story when women led from their hearts and created communities of harmony, interconnectedness and abundance with all life. The wise woman returns. 

We can access the ancient grandmothers at any time, no matter what age we are. We come together with the energy of Universal Grandmothers to hold humanity in our container of love, becoming wisdom weavers for the awakening heart of humanity. 

This container of love is a colorful woven basket symbolizing the feminine essence. We are weavers of soul songs woven into the basket. The basket holds the bounty of life, nourishment, birth and rebirth, infinite endings and beginnings, and the tree of life.

Meditations and Affirmation

“As within, so without” is a phrase often used in the dialogue section of A Course of Love (ACOL). It simply means that as we listen to the voice within, our God Self, we begin to create the world outside of us from love. 

As we transform ourselves within, the world outside is transformed. As we become fully human and fully divine, we create the new earth. 

This is an inward movement first that shapes our love to manifest in the outer world. We affirm we are worthy and our life has divine value. We affirm we are divine beings in a physical body. We affirm we are beloved children of Mother Father Sophia God. We affirm we are unconditionally  loved beyond our current understanding.

Songs for Your Journey

Music and songs often speak more clearly to our souls than just the spoken word. When I am struggling, I listen to music. I sing while I walk the labyrinth or take a bath. I listen to music while I do yoga and sometimes I sing along and start to dance. 

Music helps me express my sadness and my joy. Music with dance helps move anger and sadness through the body to bring us into peace.


All of creation in its vast, wondrous variety is birthed, enfolded and embraced in love by the Cosmic Mother Father One. All exists within the Web of Life. Patriarchy as a tool of separation consciousness separates and divides. 

All divisions based on race, color, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, socioeconomics, nationalities and faith come from our distorted perceptions. This includes our treatment of Mother Earth and all her relations. 

As we open to our divinity we give our wonder to every living being. We behold this immaculate creation of earth and all her glorious, colorful creations: the two-legged and the four-legged, the winged and the finned, the crawlers, the plants and trees, the rocks, mountains, deserts, plains, rivers and oceans. All nature sings the same song—life is a song of love.

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