~ The Rise of the Divine Feminine ~

Life is a Song of Love

Life is a Song of Love is organized into seven movements/sections containing chapters. Each movement has a chapter titled “As Within so Without Meditations, the Gift of a Question.” Each meditation starts with the phrase “She remembers who she is and…..”. Below is a list of the movements and the corresponding phrase to give you a glimpse of the shape of the woman’s mystical journey.

She remembers Who She is

Movement One

An Overture: The Heroines Spiritual Journey  

She remembers who she is and the world quakes.

Movement Two

The Mystic’s Song of Truth

She remembers who she is and sets herself free.

Movement Three

I am Lilith, Hear My Song

She remembers who she is and births a new humanity.

Movement Four

Healing the Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound

She remembers who she is and dissolves the sacred wound.

Movement Five

The Siren Song of Anger

She remembers who she is and transmutes anger into fierce love.

Movement Six

The Divine Sophia’s Song of Beauty

She remembers who she is and starts a revolution of the Heart.

Movement Seven

The Great Tuning to Love

She remembers who she is and births a compassionate world.

She remembers who she is and sings us home.


We Begin Where We End

She knows who she is and sings her song

The Heroine's Mystical Journey

We’ve been taught in this dream of separation from our Beloved God that only a very few ancient men have been mystics, and even fewer women. However there are many modern-day mystics from many different spiritual paths. They are: Light workers, wisdom keepers, loveholders, shamans, spiritual elders, ministers, imam, rabbis and wisdom weavers. Not everyone who hold such a title are mystics but many of us are. As I began to see myself as a mystic I read many authors who list attributes of a mystic. From this I created my own list from my divine feminine essence.


  • God infuses my life—a constant presence and awareness.
  • I am actively engaged in a deep inner dialogue with my God Self to cleanse and heal my shadow of shame, blame, anger, hatred and grief.
  • I am devoted to seeing beyond the falsity of separation to the Truth of my divine sovereignty.
  • I embrace my multidimensional interdimensional Self
  • I am consumed by the creative, luminescent life force of the Holy Mother aspect of God.
  • I constantly seek to forge, within, a joining of the sacred feminine and masculine energies into compassionate harmony for creation of heaven on earth.


As I continued on my mystical journey, Lilith announced herself to me to help with understanding divine sexuality. In separation, his-story defines sexuality and sensuality solely in relation to patriarchal man. It is one of the reasons why people who are gay, nonbinary, gender fluid and trans are seen as abnormal and are denigrated and persecuted. Understanding Lilith’s story as first woman strong in her sacred sexual life force and power freed me to knowing in my heart that sacred sexual energy is the creative force of the Universe.

Healing The Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound

Meditation by Sarah Grenzeback

The mother daughter patriarchal wound was created when masculine and feminine energies were separated and associated with male and female bodies. With separation, we denied and suppressed the divine feminine. While the Divine Mother’s all-encompassing love can never be extinguished, her origin sound, resonances and energy were reduced to a glimmer, a distant muted tone. In this illusion of separation, it left the world greatly imbalanced and damaged as all humanity lost their heart center, especially men. Women profoundly felt this loss in their womb and women who tried to speak their spiritual truth were demeaned, ostracized, blamed, beaten, crucified, burned at the stake, raped and murdered.

My daughter was the impetus for writing the movement/section on Healing the Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound. It took over three years to write as we carefully and compassionately healed our relationship. The process meant being totally open to receive how I failed to meet her needs without becoming defensive and burying myself in blame and regret. I had to understand my own mother daughter wound in order to realize that I did the best I could given my own patriarchal conditioning passed down through the female line. Of course relationships with our sons, nonbinary and trans children are also affected by patriarchal conditioning. Because women were conditioned over thousands of years to be the primary purveyors of patriarchy, it is the mother daughter relationship that needs to heal first in order for women to rise from the victim mentality to embrace our wild sacred creative feminine energy.

The process of dissolving our mother daughter wound is also the processes of forgiving the distorted and wounded masculine energy still being expressed in men and women. This is also the process of dismantling the separated ego held within and then forgiving our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and all women everywhere for our part in creating this dream of separation. Women are searching and finding each other. We open to receive the Divine Mother’ merciful compassion for all her creations.

The Great Tuning To Love

The Great Tuning to Love happens as we heal and release long suppressed anger, as we learn to walk in beauty and sing our own unique song, as we learn to listen with the ears of the heart, as our wisdom returns, as we learn to hug and love each other again, as we begin to create a world where all children are safe and loved, as we regain indigenous wisdom and care for all of earth’s creations, as people of all colors and sexual orientation are accepted and enfolded, as we embrace the ancient grandmother energy, as we receive the wisdom and rainbow energy of the Sky Grandmothers as their emissaries on earth. The Sky Grandmothers are very ancient beings simultaneously singing and weaving timelines for billions of souls incarnating on earth for our highest good.


We open our hearts, we stay curious, we embrace our memories of the divine feminine, we honor the time we felt the web of life as One with the Universal Mother and we joyfully co-create Terra Nova in harmony with all that is. It is time now that we flourish.