~ Meet Sally Patton ~

(She, Her, Hers)

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Spiritual Path

A Course of Miracles (ACIM) was the first channeled text I read of Yeshua’s (Jesus) teachings. I then expanded to A Course of Love (ACOL), The Way of Mastery (WOM), The Sophia Code and Journey into the Unknown. I’ve read many more channeled texts and hundreds of books about indigenous wisdom and the rebirth of the divine feminine to heal into the wholeness the division of feminine and masculine sacred energies from many faith traditions.

My spiritual and contemplative practice has deepened over the years with a knowing without a doubt that healing for all struggles comes from within, to return to our Truth, our God Self abiding in oneness with the Divine Mother Father Sophia God—innocent, guiltless and extending only God’s Love.

Catalyst for Spiritual Journey

My journey of remembering my Truth began when my young son Tyler was labeled as “severely dyslexic”, leaving me feeling like I was in a “desert of no beginnings and no endings”. Desperate to get out, I embarked on a spiritual quest that nurtured my own healing—leading to an awareness that it was not my son I had to change, but myself. From a place of despair I learned to embrace the wonder and incredible beauty of Tyler. I realized it is not about fixing my son or anyone else, it is about changing our minds to see with the eyes of love instead of fear.

My daughter Sarah was the inspiration for writing the pivotal Movement, Healing the Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound, in Life is a Song of Love. Our relationship continues to deepen and blossom into wisdom and understanding—recognizing that we are spiritual soul sisters on this continuing path of awakening to our divine Truth.

Professional Experience

With and Ed.M. in Child Study, I advocated and worked for children labeled as disabled for over 35 years in state government and nonprofit organizations, including starting two of my own nonprofit organizations. In 2000 I started leading spiritual workshops for adults focused on
caring for and ministering to atypical children, the ones we label as special needs. My professional experience of advocating for children and also parenting an atypical child provides deep insight into the wounding that patriarchal conditioning has had on relationships between mothers and children, especially between mothers and daughters. These spiritual workshops eventually led to focusing full time on my spiritual journey and sharing this experience with other people which led to writing Life is a Song of Love, a Woman’s Spiritual Journey of the Heart and Womb. 

I offer personal mentoring and retreats with a focus on healing our own sacred wounds, leading to an empowered awareness of the inner Divine Sovereign Self, which heals all relationships between men, women and our children.