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Sally Patton

Spiritual Path

The Embrace Child Spirit teachings by Sally Patton draw upon the way of Jesus as expressed through A Course in Miracles, (ACIM) A Course of Love (ACOL), The Way of Mastery (WOM) and The Sophia Code. Sally has answered her calling and unique purpose with God to embody Christ Consciousness through Holy relationship as manifested through the way of Mother Mary as described in ACOL. With this comes an awareness of healing into wholeness the division between masculine and feminine energies. Out of this experience she is now answering the clear call to be a voice of the awakening Divine Feminine.

In addition, this calling combined with her professional experience of working for and parenting an atypical child provides deep insight for releasing earthly concern-based parenting thus freeing our children, so we can become a spiritual parent to the Christ child in each one of us. Sally offers personal consultations/mentoring with the focus that healing for all problems comes from within, to return to our Truth, our Holy Self abiding in oneness with the Divine Mother, innocent, guiltless and extending only God’s Love.

Catalyst for Spiritual Journey

Sally’s journey of remembering her Truth began when her young son was labeled as “severely dyslexic”, leaving her feeling like she was in a “desert of no beginnings and no endings”. Desperate to get out, she embarked on a spiritual quest that nurtured her own healing, leading to an awareness that it was not her son she had to change, but herself. From a place of despair she learned to embrace the wonder and incredible beauty in her own son. She realized it is not about fixing her son or anyone else, it is about changing our minds to see with the eyes of love instead of fear. This resulted in writing a book informed by ACIM titled Don’t Fix Me I’m Not Broken, Changing Our Minds About Ourselves and Our Children published by O-Books. It can be ordered from amazon.com by clicking here.

Professional Background

With a Masters of Education in Child Study from Tufts University, Sally advocated and worked for children labeled as disabled for over 35 years in state government and nonprofit organizations, including starting two of her own nonprofit organizations. In 2000 she started  leading spiritual workshops for adults focused on caring for and ministering to atypical children, the ones we label as special needs. She is the author of Welcoming Children with Special Needs: A Guidebook for Faith Communities. This book is now out of print, however a PDF copy of the entire book is now available online at the Unitarian Universalist web site by clicking here.


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