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Great Awakening Show — Embrace Your Loving Divine Feminine & Compassion

This was a wonderful interview by Joanne of The Great Awakening Show. I was engaged and delighted by her enthusiasm and love for the Divine Feminine. As with all of my interviews they ask me to describe my personal spiritual journey before discussing topics from the book Life is a Song of Love.

Great Awakening Show — Mother And Daughter Wounding

I was pleased to participate in another interview with Joanne of The Great Awakening Show in England. The topic of this interview is about the Mother Daughter Patriarchal Wound. Joanne is also knowledgable about the mother daughter wound so it resulted in an interesting discussion.

Nancy's Psychic View on High Road to Humanity

Nancy Yearout’s interview on her podcast High Road to Humanity was another enjoyable interview. She’s also become an enthusiast of the divine feminine. There will be some repeats of my desorption of my spiritual journey, however the discussion of Life is a Song of Love will be different.

Soul Wanderings

Soul Wanderings is a radio show with hosts AJ and Natalie. Because of commercials and talk between the hosts in the beginning it is long. If you want to skip the beginning start at 27:05. This is where  I give another description of my spiritual journey. Approximately at 1:03:09 I start talking about Life is a Song of Love. Their questions lead me into different topics from the other interviews.

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