Walking the Rainbow Bridge

My spiritual journey began to coalesce and take focus sometime in my late thirties. Between then and now I am a different person. Then I was a seeker of spiritual wisdom trying to understand the longing in my heart, following the path as it unfolded but feeling clueless yet full of hope. It was many years before I began to understand what it means to live within separation consciousness and that awakening is an inside job and nothing outside of me causes fear and suffering.

Moving to New Mexico and living on top of a mesa with expansive views provided the means, time and atmosphere to embrace devotion to the sacredness of all life. None of it has been easy yet it has filled my heart with love. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way to loving myself enough to forgive myself thus opening my heart to the Christ within me and within every person. I’m still learning, still dropping judgements and expectations, still accepting feelings of anger, despair and grief about the trauma and suffering we’ve created in this world of dualism. Yet now, I’m walking my prayer every moment and every day. It feels as if I’m walking the Rainbow Bridge between this dense fear-based 3D world to the 5D world of heaven on earth. 

For several years I’ve imagined walking the rainbow path to becoming divinely human. The rainbow symbolizes the vast color and variety of all God’s creations. The Hopi Whirling Rainbow of Peace prophecy is part of this rainbow path.  It is happening now when people of all colors come together to co-create the New Earth. Recently I was shown that this path is a bridge connecting our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to Christ consciousness.  Or we can think of it connecting our physical chakras with our higher chakras vibrating at the highest octave possible to resonate with the Holy Mother Father One. We become a clear channel funneling the energy back and forth between Mother Gaia and Mother God. Eventually the Rainbow Bridge connects with infinite possibilities and potentialities of the infinite intelligence we know as the Beloved Light Source of All There Is.

At times I become discouraged and disheartened by what is happening in the outside world. We are in a time of extreme polarity of high contrast. It appears as if we are going backwards. Those living in fear, especially many of our political and business leaders, can’t imagine life based on love. They are desperately holding onto patriarchy’s power-over paradigm trying to once again repress the wild, creative, fluid unconditional love of the divine feminine that is dissolving separation consciousness permanently. The Holy Mother aspect of God is here to stay.  She can’t be put back into the patriarchal bottle. I know this Truth when I remember and visualize walking the Rainbow Bridge of compassionate consciousness.

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