As a wayshower, I, Sally, claim life and love over fear. As a wisdom weaver, I dissolve beliefs in aging and death and claim eternal life in human form. As a wisdom weaver, I claim humanity’s awakening now in this lifetime.

I recently visited my son Tyler in Portland, Maine. He is a tattoo artist. He designed and tattooed the rose and lily on my arm. The rose is for the way of Mother Mary and the lily is for Mary Magdalene. Lily was also my name in two pivotal parallel lives. Most importantly this tattoo represents affirmation of being a Divine Feminine Christ Leader and affirmation of my son’s ministry as a tattoo artist. It is also a symbol of letting go and totally trusting that Tyler, my daughter Sarah and my entire family are safe and have always been safe in Sophia God’s loving embrace.

If we are safe then everyone on earth who chose to incarnate at this time are also safe and here for the divine purpose of ushering in nova earth, the grand awakening, the great tuning or turning towards love. And this grand awakening is accelerating. It no longer exists hundreds of years away. It is happening now. We are ushering in this cosmic event by bringing everything unlike love to the surface, now. Do not believe the doomsday messages of the destruction of the earth. Yes, the earth is changing and it feels destructive, however Gaia is purging to make way for the new. Yes, we witnessed through the Kavanaugh hearings, all the abuse and oppression of women for thousands of years coming up to be healed in the light of the Mother/Father’s love. Women are no longer remaining silent. Patriarchy is not reasserting itself or gaining global control, it is on its last gasp. We are looking at ourselves and healing that which we’ve buried in our shadow selves. It’s all coming up to be felt, healed and let go into the blazing light of the Holy Mother’s love. The rise of the divine feminine in women is not about separating, it’s about healing separation and rape consciousness. As the divine feminine rises it frees the divine masculine to also rise and reconcile in Oneness and Union within both men and women.

I’ve come far on my journey to heal my anger at men in this lifetime. I’ve been purging along with all of us. I allowed painful experiences from my buried past to emerge, be felt and be healed. They included: all those times I felt lucky I escaped from being raped, and all those times I was expected to have sex with a man to get a job or get something I wanted, and the few times it felt easier to give in and just have sex with a man.

I watched some of the Kavanaugh hearings and felt my dwindling anger turn into compassion for the grumpy, angry, power hungry old white men and some women who are clueless as to what is happening. I began to understand and have compassion for how patriarchy/separation consciousness has also suppressed and violated men. I heard a young male spiritual teacher say that patriarchy is an equal opportunity oppressor. Men have been taught that vulnerability is not manly. They get boxed into only being able to be vulnerable with their wives or partners and when that does not happen they have nowhere to go and abuse and violence is often the result. Being vulnerable with a male friend shows weakness. And if a man wants to be vulnerable with a woman other than his wife or partner, it can easily be mistaken for sexual attraction that can result in guilt and anger for being vulnerable outside of marriage. Women are also complicit in this.

It is through vulnerability, being radically honest and transparent that we become invulnerable and remember we are divinely perfect, innocent and holy. As we purge everything unlike love, this is what remains, our Christed Selves. This is the awakening heart of humanity. As women realize their power lies in being vulnerable and honest to decades of abuse, they free men to embrace their own vulnerability thus allowing the emergence of the divine feminine and the release of the divine masculine to join in Oneness within every single person on earth. This is a holy calling. This is the Mother’s plan since the dawn of earth’s time.

“It is important to understand your reasons for being on Planet Earth at this point. You have all chosen to be here, fully using your own amazing energies to bring forth this awesome, beautiful, and powerful event which will change forever, and most gloriously, the way consciousness experiences itself, and the Divine.” (Our Divine Destiny, A Saul Book,through John Smallman.)

As a wayshower, I claim life and love over fear. As a wisdom weaver, I dissolve beliefs in aging and death and claim eternal life in human form. As a wisdom weaver, I claim humanity’s awakening now in this lifetime.




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