The Rise of Fierce Love

This post was part of my winter newsletter. Now I’m posting in in my blogs. What prompted me to write this post was the solstice happening, Monday, December 21st and a rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn the largest planets in the solar system which is known as the Grand Conjunction. This time the Grand Conjunction is the closest it has been in 400 years so they will look like a single planet brightly shining in the sky. Many astrologers are saying that this conjunction is the “Star of Bethlehem” seen by the Shepherds and the Magi at the inception of the Piscean Age and the birth of Jeshua. This time the grand conjunction heralds the full embrace of the Age of Aquarius, the golden age of the New Earth based on divine love and governance. 

It also heralds the decade of the Divine Feminine. And as the cartoon implies, there are many people who will not be too pleased about the birth of a girl messiah as a representative of the return of the feminine face of God. We’ve been gradually birthing the divine feminine since women’s suffrage leading to the feminist movement and the recent “Me Too” movement. Women in increasing numbers are saying no to playing the victim. We will not submit to repression, violation, rape, persecution, and subtle forms of dismissal and denigration of feminine energy. What’s different now is that our “no” ascends from unconditional love. This is not a namby pamby love that backs down when confronted. This is a fierce love arising from non-judgement or blame of self or others. It is a love blooming from the heart which leads and the mind which supports. It is a love encompassing even those holding tightly onto the reigns of the patriarchal power over paradigm that tries to destroy all aspects of the Cosmic/Universal Mother’s creations.

This fierce love stands strong and says no more: no more raping and destroying Mother Earth and killing the four legged, the winged, the finned, and the skittering; no more destruction and pollution of forests, wet lands, wilderness areas, rivers and oceans; no more raping and molesting women and children; no more trafficking in women, girls and boys; no more fear. Fierce love arises from knowing every person on earth is divine whether or not the person is yet aware. And we can trust and know the divinity even in people whose actions are harmful. 

This happens by doing our own inner work to heal and clear all that does not serve us and remains hidden in our shadow. Going deep to look with clarity at the distorted masculine energy and wounded feminine energy we’ve carried for decades and many lifetimes. Our inner healing allows the divine feminine and masculine energies to rise and balance into union. This is courageous work calling us to love ourselves as daughters and sons of the Holy Mother Holy Father. And when we completely love ourselves so that all we know is our divine innocence and perfection, we’ll be able to see this in every person, even those who still want to preserve the patriarchal power over paradigm. I’m not completely there yet. However, I’ve resided in the place of all-encompassing love often enough that I trust in Her power to heal the world. The habits of the separated ego still pull me into fear and judgement sometimes, however I no longer want to reside there for very long. The pull of the Mother’s love always brings me back into Oneness. 

The golden Age of Aquarius is here. It may appear for a while longer as if the power-over paradigm of separation consciousness is winning. Do not be deceived. Those who do not want to let go of this dark power are desperately trying to hold on to their power as it silently dissolves into the Mother’s embrace. We are called to hold the higher vibration of love to release our fears and judgments of those causing harm. In A Course of Miracles (ACIM) Jeshua says people are either expressing love or calling for love. In Journey into the Unknown channeled by Rick Greathouse, Jeshua expands on this idea. 

“Many of the situations that are disturbing to virtually all who walk the earth are calls for love. This is the easy part. Not condemning potential or actual perpetrators thought to be the cause, is much more challenging. Who shot the gun that took the lives away? This person is calling for both love and forgiveness. They rarely receive either. If they physically survived, they universally are pushed away from love’s embrace, deemed not worth of love, and deserving of hatred and scorn. This has to change if your world is to survive. 

Love can only love. It cannot do anything but love. If you are in love, then you are only capable of love. If a society is in love, it cannot push one of its members away. A love society brings everyone into its embrace.” (J184,1-2.) 

With the return of the Holy Mother face of God, love can bloom again within our hearts. Seeing those causing harm as calling for love is fierce love in action.

In my ineffable mystery, I am the holy black womb of no-thing that conceived the one Source light from which all the worlds of form arise. Sophia God in The Sophia Code channeled by Kaia Ra says:

Yes, I am that one Source Light pointed to by the innumerable names for God within all spiritual revelation. I am every name of God, and I am also that which is beyond a name for God: for any title can only point to a quality of my ineffable mysteries. You can call me “The Source,” you can call me “The Sophia,” or you can call me “She Who Has No Name,” for I am that which is within all names, including Holy Father.

As the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, I Am That I Am, no matter what you choose to call me…and your soul is an immaculate conception of all that I am.

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