Revolution of Love

When I saw this picture of the infant’s two faces on a Facebook post I laughed and thought that’s me. I bounce back and forth between being at peace, happy, and smiling and being angry, upset, and grieving. There is a lot happening that can drag me from peace: the wolves being slaughtered under the guise of population control, the continual violence of our BIPOC brothers and sisters, the eroding of women’s right to control and honor our own bodies, and the curtailment of voting rights. It appears we’ll never be free of the patriarchal power-over paradigm of the separated ego.

The country is deeply polarized with both sides of the divide acting from fear. It is the out-picturing of dualism so intense that everyone has to pay attention. It no longer can hide just below the surface. We have to see the division and the hatred in order to choose differently, to choose to live differently. At times it is painful to watch, and I allow myself to be pulled into outrage over all the turmoil and hatred surfacing.

The world is in the midst of fear inducing change with the dissolution of the patriarchal power-over paradigm. All the structures and laws created within separation consciousness are coming apart in order for the co-creation of Terra Nova sourcing from compassion. Massive change creates massive fear, but also elicits immense hope and the transforming power of love.  This is what keeps me sane as I witness the fear and hatred that’s being unleashed. This is why I keep returning to gratitude and compassion for everyone. At times it has not been easy and I cry a lot. I’m committed to the process of bearing witness with love rather than joining the drama of fear. 

We are fomenting a revolution of love. This requires immense compassion for all those people buried in the darkness of fear that are instigating harmful acts. We are not being asked to like their abusive acts but to be grateful for what needs to be exposed. We can’t create a world grounded in compassion by hating, judging, and punishing the abusers. I’m not suggesting that there are no consequences to destructive behavior. Because everyone is a creation of God and thus a divine being we can hold with compassion those deeply lost in fear. We engage in restorative justice based on unconditional love. The highest good of everyone involved will become the norm. Hate perpetuates hate. Love perpetuates love. His-story of power, control, and domination is being dissolved by people embracing forgiveness and compassion for themselves and others. 

Mystic Joanna Macy calls this massive change the Great Turning to Love or what I call the Great Tuning to love’s higher resonance. It is the time of the divine feminine, the Mother aspect of God. It is a time of replacing the old paradigm of power-over with the new paradigm of power within. It is a time of healing the distorted masculine and wounded feminine energies bringing them into divine harmony to birth and co-create Terra Nova. It is a time of grief and resurrection. It is a time of blossoming compassion.

When we see the shadow of judgement, shame, and blame in ourselves we see it in others. The shadow defines the light in its many shades, texture, and richness. We learn to forgive and love ourselves into freedom thus freeing others to do the same. Gratitude for this life no matter how challenging is how we co-create a new world. 

“It may not seem so, but a wondrous new vision, a powerful probable future for humanity and the Earth has taken shape and is being strengthened and magnified moment-by-moment, a future whereby all humanity, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, Devic and Elemental kingdoms will peacefully co-exist on Earth. It will be an Earth which is pristine in its beauty, that has sparkling clear water, and clean healthy air to breathe. It will be a world of abundance and plenty where no one suffers from lack of adequate food, shelter or opportunity, and a world whereby different races, cultures, beliefs and traditions are honored and respected – where no one tries to force his or her beliefs on others or deny others the right to live their own truths and follow their own customs.” – Archangel Michael (via Ronna Vezane, 31 October 2021)

And so it is.

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