Beloved friends, the world that you look upon is not real! It has never been real. It will never be real. But it is a creation that can be impregnated with the Perfect Love of God. Remember always, then, that there is only Love or fear. And what is not Love can be only fear and is never justified. The world that you have made is thoroughly harmlessThe world that you experience, which is the world that you have made in conjunction with others, in any given moment offers to you the opportunity to choose to impregnate it with Love, or to allow it to reflect to you your fearful thoughts. (Way of Transformation, page 57 volume 2 of The Way of Mastery)

All three of what I consider the major channeled teachings of Jeshua: A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and Way of Mastery, as do many other mystical sources such as The Sophia Code teach that only love is real, everything else is an illusion. This illusion is caused by our choice to come to earth and experience the perception of being separate from God. This is the root cause of all suffering and the current chaos and insanity we are experiencing. Each incarnation is carefully planned in the pre-birth process for deep soul healing and our assured awakening. Therefore, we incarnate with a purpose to learn that we are perfect, innocent loving creations of the Holy Mother Holy Father Sophia God. We are courageous masters that have agreed to be the wayshowers for humanity in creating the new earth. Thus, we are becoming divinely human creating the new.

As much as I try to focus on the love within and being that light of love to heal rape and annihilation consciousness, I occasionally get pulled into the insanity and start to believe it is real. The separation of children from their mothers at the borders, hit me especially hard as I’m guessing it has for many of us light workers. Ignoring the situation or any of the current attacks on people and the environment, is not what we are being called to do. 

Breathe into your heart, keep breathing until all you feel is God’s all-encompassing love and then express from that place. I’m finding I have to do this all the time. Jeshua, channeled by Judith Coates in Jeshua,The Personal Christ Volume IV,says to keep breathing through any conflict until you can step back and be the observer. By observing we can access our Interdimensional Higher Holy Self and any response is one of love for all involved, even those consumed by the darkness of separation. “Breathe, step back, step back and observe.” I’m saying this to myself in any situation I feel my buttons pushed, anxious, sad, outraged, or slightly uncomfortable. It allows me to pause and remember my Truth as a Holy Beloved Child of God.

Flooding the world with love is the only answer because only Love is real. Anything else only makes the chaos seem real and perpetuates separation consciousness. We cannot fix the world using the old paradigm of duality. In other words, we cannot make the illusion real because it is based on fear, and only love is real. We cannot legislate love, kindness, compassion and equality. No matter how many laws we create to control people, they fail because they were created from the false perception that we could be separate from God.

“Humanity’s paradigm of duality has created a monstrous magnitude of suffering and global crises due to the reactive behavior of victimhood. Believing that you can elicit solutions by focusing upon this suffering only shreds the sensitivity of you heart and overrides you self-confidence, crippling your ability to affect change”

“Your endless wars will never be won on the age-old battlegrounds of duality. Your dark ages of rape, genocide, and greed will not be healed by more centuries of victimhood. Blaming your governments will not stop the devastating pollution of your planet. The slavery of human trafficking will not end in your corrupt court systems. Famine will continue to thrive in the dualistic thinking that perpetrates another starving outside of your personal reality”

“You are one of the innumerable Lightworkers from across this Universe incarnating on Earth at this time to birth a spiritual revolution of Sophia Christ consciousness, including the return of the Divine Feminine Christ, which activates the sovereignty of humanity. This is a spiritual revolution of your own divinity commanding miracles to dissolve all obstacles that are in your way. Resourcing your divinity to immaculately birth a new world paradigm is the most revolutionary act that you can commit.” (The Sophia Code, page 307-308.)

Birthing a new world paradigm is also described in A Course of Love. Jeshua teaches that we are in the process of creating the new earth, leaving behind the old paradigm of separation consciousness. He also recognizes that the systems we created, such as the justice system, to fix the results of duality do not work. “All systems have been based upon your desire to understand the world aroundyou rather than the world withinyou. If you were to understand the world within, you would need no systems to understand the world without….In truth, no new learning or new systems based on the learning patterns of the old will work. Thus, we begin anew.” (ACOL D:2.19) 

In the third treatise of ACOL, Jeshua describes the old paradigm as the house of illusion and the new paradigm as the house of truth. Many people are in the process of becoming divinely human and living solely in the house of truth. However, “You will be tempted to return to the house of illusion to gather those within and bid them join you in the reality of truth. But in this time of Christ, a new time without parallel or comparison, this will not be possible. It has been said from the beginning that your role will not be to evangelize or to be convincing. You cannot argue the case of truth in the courtroom of illusion. ”This leaves us with the choice to live either in truth or illusion and there are many paths that help us embrace our divine Truth. “But a wayof getting to the truth will become so attractive that few will be able to resist. What will make this choice so attractive will not be martyrs and saintly souls stricken with every calamity and yet remaining to tell those who would listen about the glory of God. What will make this choice so attractive are ordinary people living extraordinary, and miraculous, and observable lives.” (ACOLT3:19.15-16) (I describe this in my blog post, The Great Turning Towards Love.)

Perhaps all our carefully crafted laws have to be destroyed for the new paradigm of embracing and living God’s love within to emerge. This will happen when people say to themselves, there has to be a better way and then they make a choice between illusion or Truth, between Love or fear. This will not occur through the wasted effort of trying to fix within the old paradigm of separation consciousness. At the same time, I am grateful to those on the frontlines including many of our politicians who are responding from the heart to stop the atrocities that are occurring. All this is part of the process of transitioning into the house of Truth. It will take many years to shake out and create heaven on earth. All the wayshowers and lightworkers are being called to focus on the Holy of Holies within and respond with love, to flood the world with love rather than fear and hate. Believe that this energy of love is creating the new earth. Hold steadfast to this Truth, to your divinity. And if you are called to act, be sure it comes from the heart in union with the Holy Mother Holy Father Sophia God. The creation of the new is the process of becoming fully human and fully divine for every person on earth.

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