Holding Ourselves with Love

This picture of Mother Mary cradling baby Yeshua is of a mural within the Church of the Visitation in Ein Kereem, Jerusalem. The Church of the Visitation is said to be built on the spot where Mary, pregnant with Yeshua, and Elizabeth, pregnant with John (the Baptist), visited as friends. I was there in 2014 as part of Take Me to Truth’s spiritual retreat in Israel. When we entered the Chapel, we were immediately immersed in the energy of the Divine Mother. The women in our group felt as if we had walked into the Holy Mother’s nurturing womb and then we turned and saw the mural in the back of the chapel and we were mesmerized. Gradually all the men drifted out of the chapel while most of the women stayed gazing at the mural in silence and joy, not wanting to leave. When I finally left the Chapel, one of the men asked me what was going on, so I explained about the divine feminine energy as best I could to someone who had never heard of the sacred feminine. Now it is 2021 and most people on a spiritual journey have more awareness of the divine feminine resonance that exists in both women and men.

Eons ago when we severed the Divine Mother from the face of God, we lost our connection to the feminine creative, wild, primordial nurturing energy. In essence we lost our heart. With continual attempts to repress and eliminate Her presence, the patriarchal power-over paradigm of separation consciousness was unleashed. The sacred masculine energy was seriously wounded and distorted and the sacred feminine energy was suppressed and almost entirely eliminated. The resulting trauma reverberated around the world in the form of colonialism and empire building resulting in genocide, and constant brutal conflicts and wars all in an attempt to preserve patriarchal dominance. Now with the Holy Mother Creatrix reunited once again with the Holy Father in Oneness, we are igniting the process of a planetary awakening into Christ/Unity/Buddha consciousness. The mystic Joanna Macy calls this the Great Turning to Love and it’s creating both turmoil and great love within our inner temples while causing an earthquake in separation consciousness manifesting as extreme polarization.

Our 3D world is coming apart, crashing, and ending as we prepare to transfigure into the 5D world. This is affecting us individually and collectively. I’ve been in the midst of some personal struggles and despite doing all the things that usually bring me into peace such as: walking my labyrinth, singing and listening to music, hiking, sitting in prayer and contemplation nothing was helping. Finally, I emotionally fell apart with my woman’s co-creators’ group as they held the space with unconditional love. It revealed how tightly I was holding on to fear by trying to control the situation. Now I’m centered again in my heart, trusting that the most benevolent outcome for the highest good of each person involved is being delivered. I’m finding that now more than ever, I need to hold myself in unconditional love in order to set myself free.

Self-love or self-compassion comes from looking at all those places held deep within that you dislike about yourself, all those places within the shadow held within your womb where you feel anger, shame, guilt, grief or fear of losing control. This is your inner child holding your uncensored emotions. Accept and honor your feelings rather than burying them or projecting them onto others. It’s the only way to heal and remember your true sovereignty as a child of God.

All of this inner work requires loving yourself warts and all. When I forget to do this, the following song always reminds me that loving myself first is essential for being able to expand the Holy Mother Holy Father Sophia God’s love for all her children in their infinite variety. And like Mother Mary holding baby Yeshua,

I will be gentle with myself

And I will hold myself, like a new born baby child

I will be tender with my heart

And I’ll hold my heart like a new born baby child

And I will only go as fast

As the slowest part of me feels safe to go

Gentle with Myself by Karen Drucker, Songs of the Spirit III

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