Forgiving the Unforgivable

The Mariposa or Segel lilies this spring in northern New Mexico were many and heart openly beautiful. A few bloom every spring. However, this spring because of plentiful rain in the high desert, the lilies were abundant, although only lasting a few weeks. Lily is a symbol of the divine feminine and associated with Mary Magdalene. Its presence invokes humility, devotion and divine innocence. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. The butterfly is a powerful symbol of renewal and transformation. Put the two together and it symbolizes the transformative power of the sacred feminine.

I feel blessed to have seen the Mariposa Lily everywhere I hiked. Much to my awe I would sometimes see hundreds of them growing in an open area. My heart sang each time I gazed at their beauty, appearing fragile yet tough enough to bloom in the desert. They continually remind me that we are strong and invulnerable in our innocence and perfection. 

In this dream of separation from our Beloved Source, masculine and feminine energies become so distorted we often do not recognize how they manifest in ourselves. Learning to reconcile the masculine and feminine energies within, I realized I did not have a clue what was the divine masculine. And as a consequence, my understanding of the divine feminine was skewed. The process of forgiving my choice to suffer and live under patriarchy for thousands of years allowed buried guilt, anger, and grief to surface and be dissolved and transmuted into fierce love. The clarity that comes from embracing and joining in harmony and oneness the feminine and masculine energies opens my heart to more fully receive the Holy Mother’s love, the source of all creation.

During this time of seismic patriarchal contraction so much unlike love is being brought to the surface that I despair it will ever end.  Ripping children from mothers’ arms and placing them in cages is such massive abuse that sometimes rage consumes me and I feel powerless. The lilies symbolize that the sacred feminine has risen from the shadows and is blooming in more and more hearts, reminding us that our divine innocence is invincible. 

Only love is real. We awaken to our sovereign divine power. We are dissolving separation consciousness to be born anew as the Christ in human form. We are strong and powerful enough in union and love to dismantle separation consciousness holding these children and mothers in detention centers. We know within our hearts that those committing these unspeakable acts have the spark of the divine within them. We are the chalice receiving God’s uncompromising love with no opposite and thus love flows to everyone. And because we are all aspects of the One, the love we receive and give to others we also give to ourselves. This is why giving and receiving are one. The Christ within dissolves all judgments. The Mother Father’s love blazes within forgiving the unforgivable and loving the unlovable. And this is what heals the world whether we are called to action or not.

The rise or rebirth of the divine feminine can be equated to the opening of the heart. The lily blooms. I can imagine myself as this lily, innocent and pure buried in the protective darkness till the nourishing rains come just at the right time for me to rise, grow and bloom into this seemingly fragile yet invincible creation of God’s love and beauty in this world. We take a leap of faith that the lily is strong enough to banish the fear.

We return to listening from the heart rather than the separated ego mind. This requires stilling the mind thus creating the space within to hear the voice of our Higher Holy Self to allow divine solutions to manifest in perfect divine timing for the highest good of all. Like the Mariposa Lily out of the primordial dark heart womb of the Divine Mother arises the blazing light to forgive the unforgivable and love the unlovable leaving separation and creating heaven on earth.

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