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Parenting atypical children, those with labels or who are struggling, means trusting and letting go of judgments to allow God’s love to flow through us. It is a journey of forgiveness by learning to parent from love and inner peace instead of fear and worry. We learn that we do not have to fix our children because they are not broken. All we can do is change our mind and see with the eyes of love without fear.

Workshops will explore the following themes:

  • Life is a spiritual classroom
  • Seeing life through your child’s eyes
  • Questioning your fears
  • Surrendering to what is
  • Who would you be without your story?
  • No one fails in this classroom



Please contact Sally for costs and to schedule a workshop.

Comments from Participants

“I loved the gentle flow of this workshop and also liked connecting with other parents.”

“I absolutely loved writing a poem about my daughter.”

“This workshop will help me deal better with my parenting challenges and finding my own path to spirituality.”

“I was not sure what to expect but this workshop exceeded all I could have hoped for.”

“This workshop has helped me find ways to bring the spiritual into my role as a parent of a child with autism and to find healing.”


Involve Training: The Involve Training includes 15 hours of intensive and comprehensive information and hands-on activities for religious educators, ministers, and lay leaders to help churches become welcoming congregations for all children. The training can be adapted to fit your particular denomination’s needs and goals. It is best planned for groups of churches.


Practicing Radical Hospitality: Creating Beloved Community for All Children is a four to six hour workshop based on the Involve Training for faith communities wishing to explore the process of including children with special needs and their families in the life of the congregation.


Workshops are based on Sally’s book, Welcoming Children with Special Needs, A Guidebook for Faith Communities, published by the UUA in 2002.


Please contact Sally for costs and to schedule a workshop.


There are two sets of materials needed for the 15 hour Involve Training. Click here for the Involve Implementation Manual: How to Create a Welcoming Ministry for All Children and Youth in Our Faith CommunitiesClick here for the workshop Handouts.


Comments from Workshop Participants

“The workshop was so wonderful and much more interactive than expected.”

“As a volunteer teacher I have never known what to do about disruptive children. Sally’s information on positive behavior techniques are so easy to implement. Not only can I use them in teaching, I can use them with my own children.”

“I am so grateful for the information on teaching to multiple learning styles. I now have some great ideas for keeping all the children engaged in the Sunday’s lesson.”



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The Universal Grandmother archetype creates the container of fierce Divine Feminine Christ Love for all of humanity. Let us hold the Truth of the Holy Mother Holy Father Sophia God’s all-encompassing love for all her creations till every person can do so for her or himself.

This Facebook group is for both men and women who feel the sacred fire of the Grandmother’s Embrace. Sacred fire is fueled by Divine Love. It cleanses and clears out old paradigms to bring light to darkness and make way for the new. As people of wisdom we’ve come to this place of Christ embodiment through many mystical paths. All are welcome here to share and join in the Oneness of our Divinity in human form. As above so below, as within so without.

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