The Poetry of Life


If it is true

We are living into wisdom,

So also wisdom

Wears a face different

From what we once thought.

She is not static idea

Or peak experience,

Not the father’s laws

Or ancient judgments.

She is a quiet voice

Heard in the heart,

A guide for living.

Apara Elizabeth Borrowes

There have been so many changes this past year. Some have been physical such as moving across country and some are spiritual, yet ultimately all part of the living process.  I like this idea of “living into wisdom.” And we all know it is not a static process based on current laws and politics or “ancient judgments” nor only “peak experiences” but one of the heart. We learn this heart wisdom when we trust and listen to the “still small voice within.”  And what is the “still small voice within?” It is the Godself, the higher holy spirit self, the unified spirit, the part of all of us that remembers we are one with God. Thus, my time in New Mexico has been a process of embracing these physical and spiritual changes to move into wisdom.

This process of “living into wisdom” means gradually and consistently tuning into the voice of my higher holy spirit self instead of egoic thought patterns. While my husband and I have been waiting, planning, and finally building a house, I’ve been hiking the mesas in the high desert of northern New Mexico and gathering astoundingly beautiful rocks of every color to build a labyrinth next to my home. We’ve hiked to ancient puebloan ruins, down arroyos, and into extraordinary box canyons. The vastness and breathtaking beauty of this place calls for a response, the only choice being to either embrace it and explore the inner workings of your soul or shut down. It is a land of contrasts. People who live here often say that northern New Mexico either takes you in or spits you out.  It has definitely taken me in.

So I love being in this place that does not allow for complacency but asks that I dig deep and expand my spiritual self. I feel as if this deepening mirrors the extremes of the weather and the landscape.  Some days the peaks of wonder and love are so high they cannot be sustained. Fortunately they are usually followed by calm and quiet and a time of contemplation and gradual acceptance. But sometimes these peaks lead to emotional storms of denial that always end with releasing to the light. For this is a place of startling sun. So this journey toward totally embodying my Godself has been dramatic, quiet, calming, frustrating, peaceful and glorious, all reflected back to me in the changing weather and vegetation. Yet my unchanging Godself also reflects the unchanging landscape of red cliffs, mesas, rivers, blue sky and mountains.

My higher holy spirit self, my “guide for living” is guiding me to something new, I’m not totally sure what. I do know that I will be altering my web site, newsletters and blog to reflect the deepening of my spiritual journey. I am being led to write in my blog more regularly. While I will still focus on children and parenting without fear, particularly atypical children, it will no longer be my sole focus.  Embracing the Spirit of the Child will remain but will take on a wider meaning to include embracing the child within each of us. This inner child is the one that remembers we are one with God and never separated from Her Love.  This is also the inner child or adaptive child who learned how to survive in this physical world and at times still keeps us in fear and suffering.  This is the child who uses the past to create fear of the future.  This is the shame part of ourselves that we have buried, what Carl Jung calls the shadow. Learning to embrace this child, love it and let it go into the light is also part of remembering we are one with God.

Blessings, Sally

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  1. by Mary Beth Bryant

    On November 3, 2012

    You have a lovely way with words dear Sally. There is this sense that once you have felt the “startling sun” there is no going back. I love that visual and feel myself longing for its light moment by moment.
    Thank you for this
    Love and Light to you!

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