Spiritual Mothering, the Critical Link for “Healing through Relationship”


Mural from the Church of the Visitation, Ein Kereem, Jerusalem

Mural from the Church of the Visitation, Ein Kereem, Jerusalem

Recently I was guided to a heart-opening channeled message on “Spiritual Mothering” received by Pamela Kribbe from Mother Mary. I received this gift with immense gratitude with the realization for how perfectly my life has continuously been directed to be of service to the God within. (Even when I was not conscious of this.) I see how perfectly my Christ Self has gently guided me to learn from all my joyful as well as painful parenting experiences to my calling in Union with God. And I am grateful for how my initial teaching on how to parent  without fear from a place of love has deepened and matured to accept this teaching from Mother Mary. Spiritual mothering of the shamed inner child  frees the Christ within and  affects all our relationships.

This message from Mother Mary resonated deeply and in my heart I knew it linked my past teaching on parenting from love without fear to my call to facilitate a “Healing through Relationship” retreat in Abiquiu, NM, March 11-14, 1016. Come and join with me in sharing our journey of learning what it means to be a spiritual parent to the Christ within. To register click here.

This deepening awareness needs some explanation. I always thought my calling and purpose with God was to work spiritually with parents and care givers of children with special needs labels to parent and minister without fear from a place of love. This involved learning to see past the labels we give children to see the perfect, whole child of God. This mission and passion of mine culminated in 2011 with the publishing of my book, Don’t Fix Me I’m Not Broken; Changing Our Minds About Ourselves and Our Children informed by A Course in Miracles.

Then, I moved from the Boston area to a remote mesa top in Abiquiu, New Mexico and became intimately involved with the vast soul-expanding land and big sky of northern New Mexico, and with Nouk Sanchez and the Take Me To Truth community in Santa Fe. It seemed as if my calling had changed, or at least taken a sabbatical.

It’s been four years of intense spiritual awakening. In Boston I had become a student of A Course in Miracles. In Abiquiu this study continued and expanded to include The Way of Mastery and A Course of Love (ACOL). Through reading ACOL I came full circle back to my first passion of teaching parenting without fear and seeing all children as whole and perfect in God’s eyes, although I did not completely recognize it at the time.

While reading ACOL I was introduce to the way of Mother Mary and it all started coming together as to my soul’s purpose in facilitating healing through relationship. For awakening and remembering we are Christ can only occur in relationship with God and all God’s creations. That we are Christ, co-creators with God, is our only truth. So following my guidance, I planned a retreat for March 11-14, 2016 in Abiquiu, called Healing through Relationship.

Yet, I still felt I was missing something important about what I thought was my soul’s calling to teach about relationship. I felt that it would be revealed when I was ready. It came from one of my dear spiritual sister’s suggestion to explore the teachings of Pamela Kribbe. Her book The Christ Within containing channelings from Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth answered my need to acknowledge and embrace my deep connection with Mother Earth, Mother Mary and the rising female energy.

The female aspect of Christ Consciousness that has long been neglected and oppressed is now coming to light creating the opportunity to join with and heal the male energy, thus restoring Oneness. It is important for both women and men to embrace both the divine female and male energies in order to heal into wholeness and birth Christ Consciousness into form.

I know deep within that my mostly alone time on top of an Abiquiu mesa overlooking Abiquiu Lake, the red cliffs of Ghost Ranch and the Cerro Pedernal creates the perfect conditions for letting go of conditional attachments to children, husband, and friends. The spaciousness and remoteness of this place where I live creates the conditions in which it is more difficult to distract myself with the many activities of life in a city. It feels as if I have no choice but to stay with the silence and with the study of Jeshua’s channeled teachings. And as a result, it has allowed me to hear more clearly the guidance from my Holy Self. It has not been easy. And also, to my initially painful surprise, letting go of attachments included letting go of my need-based attachments and work with Take Me to Truth.

I’m being guided and asked to let go of my attachment to “fix it behavior” and needing any other teacher other than my Holy Self–to trust that Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mother Earth, all as God, are all one with the Christ within me.

Mother Mary’s physical life is a visible demonstration of letting go of the fear that drives the belief we have to control and protect our children. Mary had to let go and trust the mature soul in Jeshua and recognize that he had a unique path to follow to bring light into the world. She had to watch her son die at the hands of brutal killers, yet trust fully in the wisdom and guidance of God. In so doing she had to trust the God in herself and thus was lifted up. In letting go of the earthly mother, Mary learned that although Jeshua came through her body, he was not hers. This is what all parents must learn.

And when we let go of the earthly concern-based mother/parent, we can become a spiritual mother to the Christ child in each one of us. When we can become a loving spiritual mother to all the negative aspects of our inner child, we heal and allow the divine feminine to flourish, which then enfolds the divine masculine into wholeness. This frees the Christ child into joy and is reflected in the Christ in our children and other close family and friend relationships. Mary’s life is a powerful lesson for all of us to let go of our conditionally based (special) relationships with our children, friends, partner, and parents in order to trust fully in our unique relationship with God, so all relationships return to holy relationships.

Spiritual mothering of the inner child is what it means to parent from love without fear. So it is not that my calling and purpose changed, it’s just maturing and deepening with my continual awakening to the Christ within. Therefore the “Healing though Relationship” retreat March 11-14, 2016 now includes spiritual mothering of the shamed inner child to heal into the Christ child. This is a retreat for everyone who has been a parent (both literally and figuratively). Please come and join with me in sharing our journey of learning what it means to be a spiritual parent. To register and for more information go to www.embracechildspirit.org.



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  1. by Laurie Forrest

    On October 27, 2015

    Sally…I love how you write about your beliefs and feelings! Your retreat sounds so amazing!!

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