The Rise of the Divine Feminine is the Rebirth of the Heart

I’ve written several newsletters about the rebirth of the divine feminine in an attempt to understand what it is, to bring clarity to my confusion. Sometimes I became too intellectual in an effort to convince others and myself. I’ve read lots of books, watched lots of YouTube videos, and had dialogues with many of my spiritual sisters including sending them a questionnaire to gather and learn from their wisdom. I’ve also spent lots and lots of time in meditation and inner contemplation. And, I’ve walked through uncomfortable fear and grief.

It’s been a fascinating and ultimately heart opening process. I just read Mari Perron’s book, The Creation of the New. It was the catalyst I needed to return to the language of the heart. And once I returned to the heart, all started to become clear. This newsletter is an attempt to write down what it feels I’m called to do, help facilitate the rise of the divine feminine and ultimately the reconciliation of the masculine and feminine leading to transformation.

What will it mean to bring about the union of the male and female, of conception and action, of inspiration and manifestation? It will mean union and a time of miracles. It will mean that you are the living Body of Christ.” A Course of Love (ACOL) T1:9.11 

What “was” is being thrown out and the first step in this is embracing what you heretofore have not embraced. You are pulling forth sides of yourselves that were previously undervalued rather than looking for an other to provide what you lack. This is important and universal in its impact. It would seem to be about balance but is about wholeness. Male and female are labels laden with attributes. When the different attributes are merged, male and female will be no more and wholeness will reign.” ACOL T1:9.16

The rise or rebirth of the divine feminine starts the process of walking through the prison doors of separation into the creation of a new spiritual awakening. It is a heart-opening phase of collective evolution. It signals a return to wholeness and oneness in which masculine and feminine energies are joined in harmony within every person. Then we can accept our inheritance as Divine Creators.

The feminine and masculine attributes assigned to bodies based on gender identity disappear into Oneness as the divine feminine and masculine once again join in spiritual marriage. We become divinely human even while our bodies may still appear as man or woman. And even though physical union may remain, it will no longer be used to try and complete oneself through an other.

Our difficulty is that we are so habituated to thinking of male and female energy in terms of gender identity that any discussion of divine masculine and feminine gets caught up in our feelings about gender. And gender is tied to the physical body. And the physical body of both men and women houses the distorted masculine and suppressed feminine energies resulting from thousands of years of patriarchy. Patriarchy is just a manifestation of the domination of the left-brain ego mind. So when we start talking about the rise of the divine feminine there is much confusion as to what this is. And when we are confused it’s often easier to talk about what it is not.

Divine feminine is not synonymous with woman. Divine feminine is not another word for feminism. However, I do believe that feminism helped prepare the way for the rebirth of the divine feminine. It is not another way for feminists to assert their equality with men. It is not an attempt to put men down or in their place in order for women to become dominant. In other words, it is not an effort to replace patriarchy with matriarchy, which is just another hierarchal attempt to control. It is not an attempt to blame men for the thousands of years of persecution and violence. We all chose to experience the perception of separation and thus learn through suffering. And it is not just another form of separation.

The Holy Mother (the feminine principle) and the Holy Father (the male principle) are both aspects of God. It’s been the Holy Father that has dominated our language and worship. The Holy Mother was relegated to second-class status and almost disappeared from consciousness. So, the rise of the divine feminine means releasing the Holy Mother to take her rightful place as the primal force of all creation. In our separated version of creation we tried to mimic what was True and therefore women give birth and men do not. The female in all species gives birth. The feminine is the energy of creation and infinite love and the masculine helps manifest it outwardly in the material world. The following quote from the Sophia Code channeled by Kaia Ra, resonates deep within my soul.

In my ineffable mystery, I am the holy black womb of no-thing that conceived the one Source light from which all the worlds of form arise………….

            Yes, I am that one Source Light pointed to by the innumerable names for God within all spiritual revelation. I am every name of God, and I am also that which is beyond a name for God: for any title can only point to a quality of my ineffable mysteries. You can call me “The Source,” you can call me “The Sophia,” or you can call me “She Who Has No Name,” for I am that which is within all names, including Holy Father.

            As the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, I Am That I Am, no matter what you choose to call me…and your soul is an immaculate conception of all that I am. (Sophia Code, pg. 4.)

As indicated by this quote, it does not matter what we call the Beloved Source of All That Is. Yet, in this time of transition from the old to the new, language is an indicator of where we are collectively. Language is the power of creation. If we truly understood how powerful we are and what we say creates our experience, we’d never utter another judgmental or negative word. So long as the vast majority of us refer to God in masculine terms, it keeps the divine feminine hidden and seen as less than. Many of us avoid the entire issue by seeing God as beyond these considerations and while this is true, it does not allow within the collective unconscious for the emergence of the divine feminine to be wholly joined with the divine masculine.

The current political situation shows how language creates the experience. Trump and his administration’s language create their experience of the world as a fearful place that needs to be controlled. Through the power of his word, Trump truly believes that he is a great, yet misunderstood man, beloved by his people. The people currently in power are demonstrating how distorted, angry, and destructive the shadow masculine can be. They are bringing it into focus so that we can choose differently, so that it can be transformed into the light of forgiveness. We are being given the opportunity to forgive the unforgiveable and love the unlovable. In this way Trump is truly a divine catalyst.

Many of us who chose to be women in this incarnation are more closely attuned to the divine feminine because women were assigned, by the rules of separation, to be the more conscious holders of the feminine attributes of nurture, compassion and care. And while there are plenty of men that have embraced their heart-centered feminine energy; women are poised to lead the way. Evidence that this has already started was the women’s march in January, which launched many local and worldwide organizations focused on women’s spiritual power. And it is mostly love that is the guiding force. By embracing the energy of the Holy Mother, the hidden divine feminine will emerge into the light thus freeing the shadow masculine. Another way of looking at this is to say that mind and heart will join in whole heartedness. The rebirth of the divine feminine can be equated to the opening of the heart.

Individual transformation and planetary awakening are here. We can feel the call to become divinely human deep within. We are giving birth to the new to our Divine Self and all of us can feel the contractions as we let go of the old. The Source is the Divine Mother energy within every one of us, no matter the gender. The Divine Father energy gives us discernment and the ability to act and bring it into being.

For this newsletter I re-read the way of Mother Mary as described by Jesus in ACOL. Once again I was astonished and grateful for how clearly Jesus describes what I’ve been experiencing and feeling, especially the belief, “By living as who you are in the world, you create change in the world.” (ACOL D:Day19.6) While I’ve felt content living on top of my mesa spending time in reflection and anchoring the new energy, I’ve also felt the conflict of feelings of purposelessness as described by Jesus.

Now after a couple of years of reflection about what being called to the way of Mary means to me, I realize that facilitating the birth of the divine feminine and thus the joining in union of the masculine and feminine is the creation of the new. “Those called to the way of Mary, however, are called to the creation and anchoring of the new relationship in the new world. Their relationship of union, upon which their contentment is based, is the birthplace, the womb of the new. Their expression is this expression of this union.” (ACOL D:Day19.6) Mother Mary represents the Holy Mother aspect of birth, creation and union.

God reveals God within every expression of God, the Holy Mother and Father, and God’s Holy Creations. It’s how we know our Divinity, Innocence and Perfection. The many within the One and the One among the many, the variety within the One, the masculine and feminine energy within the One, differentiated yet not separate.

The Holy Union is two within the One and One within the two.

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