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Personal Consultations

I offer one hour personal consultations/mentoring sessions.

Healing for all problems comes from within.  I offer guidance and resources for clients to access their inner knowing in order to heal the wounded child within and return to innocence.  Much of our wounding comes from thousands of years of suppression of the divine feminine and the dominance of the distorted masculine energies. Healing this involves becoming aware and questioning the core beliefs which cause us to suffer or keep us in place of discontent.  Beliefs are thoughts with emotions attached. Emotions are reactions to mistakes in thinking. The goal is to access the love within and let go of fear.

Teaching Foundation for Mentoring

The three major teaching courses of the way of Jesus: A Course in Miracles (ACIM), A Course of Love (ACOL), and The Way of Mastery (WOM) form the foundation for my mentoring practice. 

Informing my mentoring practice is a deepening intensified with the clear call to accept my unique purpose in union with God to be a voice for the return of the divine feminine. With this comes an awareness of healing into wholeness the division between masculine and feminine energies and anchoring the new. The voice of the Divine Feminine has been released to be embraced in each one of us, men and women.

The catalyst for my spiritual journey was my atypical son with a special needs label. This led to writing Don’t’ Fix Me I’m Not Broken, Changing our Minds About Ourselves and Our Children, which was informed by ACIM. This combined with a continuing deepening awareness of the way of Mother Mary as an expression of the Divine Feminine, provides special insight for releasing earthly concern-based parenting thus freeing our children, so we can become a spiritual parent to the Christ child in each one of us.

Spiritual Toolbox

All of us over the years have accumulated tools in our toolbox to help us with our spiritual practice. Some have worked, some have not, some are no longer useful and some can be used again.  I have many tools in my toolbox which may be similar or different from yours to help you access that “still small voice within” and in so doing we both deepen our awareness and move closer to loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

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