The Peace that Passeth All Understanding

Most of the time, the skies in New Mexico are crystal clear indigo blue. It is one of the main reasons I love it so much, the spaciousness and the endless blue skies. So when we have cloud cover or haze cause by the smoke from forest fires or proscribe burns and/or dust that obscures the blue skies and the spacious vistas, I feel myself slipping out of peace.  The same thing happens when I leave the serenity and solitude of my mesa top home and enter into social situations, I feel myself slipping out of peace.

Recently, some long time friends from the Boston area visited and we went on a road trip to Carlsbad Caverns in southern New Mexico, making tourist stops on the way.  It was an enjoyable journey despite a lot of time in the car together. I noticed for the entire trip that I was experiencing this core place of peace inside that did not waver or slip away. Wow I thought this is new, or is it?

Jesus says in A Course of Love (ACOL), “My peace is yours. You have asked for it and it has been given to you. To not have it, you will have to choose not to have it. And this will be tempting on occasion.” (T1:10.2) Jesus goes on to explain that in the illusion of separation we learn through extremes of feelings whether they are joy or sorrow. This is how we feel alive or to be fully human. This is the process we chose to remember the Truth that we are children of God and co-creators with the Mother Father God. “You used your free will to choose the human experience. Now are you willing to use it to choose the Peace of God instead? Can you wholeheartedly choose peace? Can you choose peace long enough to become accustomed to joy without sorrow? If you cannot, you will continue to create hell as well as heaven and will continue the separation between the divine and the human. Is heaven worth enough to you to give up hell?”(T1:10.5)

Despite our wish to end our suffering, we like the drama of the human experience. It can make us feel alive. If we did not like it, we’d have already returned to Christ Consciousness. Now that we have explored all forms of suffering through thousands of lifetimes, we no longer need to learn through extreme experiences to alert us to divine presence, we begin experiencing the peace of God as our true inheritance.

“This is what has been meant by the many references that have been made to God not seeing suffering. God exists with you in peace. When you feel peace, you feel the Peace of God. There is no other peace. There is no other God. Whether you believe it or not, I assure you, within the Peace of God is all the joy of what you have known as the human experience and none of the sorrow.” (T1:10.8)

I’ve begun experiencing the peace of God more often. I’m looking forward to experiencing the peace that passeth all understanding all the time. I keep asking my Higher Self why do I allow myself to get pulled back into the drama. With this came awareness that I’m still trying to learn through extremes in this process of spiritual realization. I still feel I need spiritual ah ha moments to reassure myself that I am still on this path of returning to Christ Consciousness. So when I do not receive continual ah ha messages from my Higher Holy Self, I start to feel something is wrong and try to manufacture something or start doubting myself and wondering why it seems others on this path are constantly channeling and receiving messages but not me.

While hiking recently, my light family suggested that perhaps this is what it’s all about, just be in silent communion with my spiritual guides and release my need to receive messages. Just be; no expectations, no anticipation as to when I’m to do God’s work or what it is to be. I have the peace of God inside all the time and it is enough.

“The extremes that we are talking of leaving behind are extremes of reaction to a chosen lesson. What you are being asked to leave behind is the need for such lessons. If you have learned the curriculum, what further lessons are needed? What quiet knowing cannot come to you in peace? Why would you believe you can learn from the turmoil of extremes what you cannot learn in peace eternal?” (T1:10.12)

Some people see my life and wonder what I do because I spend lots of time in contemplation and prayer on my remote mesa top. Yet in truth, I am judging myself that I should be more actively involved in the world. I have this beginning awareness of what I’m to create as a Divine Feminine Christ leader and I get anxious that I must be blocking messages from my Holy Self cause the path is still unclear. Just be says my family of light, just be in peace, surrender totally to my Higher Holy Self and let go of all concerns of what, when and how. Just enjoy that peace within. It is enough. Surrendering to it is all that is. I do not need constant spiritual epiphanies. That is just old habit that feels I need extremes to learn. There is a restfulness and joy in just being with the peace of God that’s always been there within just waiting for my remembrance and embrace.



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