Love Thy Nieghbor as Thyself, What Does That Mean?

Jesus says to love thy neighbor as you would love thyself.  This sounds wonderful.  Who would want to harm themselves?  However there is one major problem with this teaching as Jesus was very much aware.  The vast majority of us do not truly love ourselves.   We think we do but that is because we do not truly know what love is.  The kind of love Jesus is talking about is unconditional, no strings attached; love which is all encompassing, peaceful and joyful which comes from the Source.  In truth we are this Love but we have forgotten this.

Ironically, we love our neighbor as we do ourselves and that is why there is so much divisiveness and hatred in the world.  No one has experienced unconditional love from another because we are all wounded.  So we look outward for someone to love us unconditionally, yet that never happens.  Or we think buying things, drugs or alcohol will fill the emptiness within.  Until we truly understand that the love we seek comes from within we will continually look outside of ourselves, be disappointed and suffer.

We have built walls to the presence of love within with the help of the ego, our false sense of self, and our life experiences.  We need to do the deep healing work of looking without judgment at all those things we do not like about ourselves that we have shoved out of our conscious awareness.  Jung called this the shadow.   When we are unaware of the shadow our dislikes get projected onto others.  When someone pushes our button then we know that we have projected our hurts and shame onto another.  Understanding this means we realize that everyone is wounded and doing the best they can, just like us.  We realize we are all equal in our woundedness. Bringing our shame and self-hatred to the light of our compassionate awareness is learning to love ourselves unconditionally.  When we can do that then we can provide unconditional love to others and help heal their wounds.

Blessings, Sally

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