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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Mother Mary is a symbol of forgiveness and compassion; of Holy motherhood and creation. She is one who experienced direct communion with God for all of us, the Holy Mother incarnate. Her energy is within all. It is the energy of our direct relationship with God. She calls us to return to Union with God, to remember our unique relationship within Oneness, to unite in wholeness. She calls us to remember that we are both the created and the creator. Mother Mary calls us to acceptance of our Truth, our Self as Christ.

The Choice between Separation and Relationship with God

The opposite of separation is being joined in relationship with God. With our denial of this relationship we chose the ego thought system of separation, which is the opposite of our reality. Within all of us is the energy of Mother Mary that calls us to accept the reality of being in relationship. In separation we think we are alone and can only achieve freedom through our individuality. In truth even within the dream of separation we are always in relationship, we cannot be otherwise. Even living alone in the desert, we are still in relationship with the desert.

We have always been in relationship with God because God is within us. Once we accept or remember our Union with God in relationship, all relationships return to Holy relationships. Acceptance occurs deep within the silence of the heart, within the center of your Self where love’s reality exists.

God is here within and therefore so am I.

Divine Feminine Energy

Mother Mary represents the divine feminine energy of Christ Consciousness.   The female energy has long been suppressed in our world and in our hearts. Mother Mary speaking through Pamela Kribbe in 2007 said, “The female energy is a primal force of creation, a fundamental part of All That Is.  She brings forth life and flows through everyone. Without her, you would not exist, either as a soul or as a human being.”

The female aspect of Christ Consciousness is now coming to light and will  join with the male energy thus restoring Oneness. It is important for both women and men to embrace both the female and male energies in order to heal into wholeness and birth the return to Christ Consciousness.

Holy Mother and Holy Relationship

Mother Mary’s life is a visible demonstration of letting go of the fear that drives the belief we have to control and protect our children. Mary had to let go and trust the mature soul in Jeshua and recognize that he had a unique path to follow to bring light into the world. She had to watch her son die at the hands of brutal killers, yet trust fully in the wisdom and guidance of God.  In so doing she had to trust the God in herself and thus was lifted up.   In letting go of the earthly mother, Mary learned that although Jeshua came through her body, he was not hers. This is what all of us must learn.

And when we let go of the earthly concern-based mother/parent, we can become a spiritual mother to the Christ child in each one of us. When we can become a loving spiritual mother to all the negative aspects of our inner child, we heal and allow the divine feminine to flourish, which then enfolds the divine masculine into wholeness. This frees the Christ child into joy and is reflected in the Christ in our children and other close family relationships. Mary’s life is a powerful lesson for all of us to let go of our conditionally based (special) relationships with our children, friends, partner, parents and trust fully in our unique relationship with God, so all relationships return to holy relationships.

Mother Mary in Way of Mastery and A Course of Love

In the question and answer section of chapter two in The Way of the Heart, (Way of Mastery) Jeshua (Jesus) channeling through Jayem, says about Mother Mary, “This One was therefore put into a position to bring up within Her everything unlike Love, to look at the very habits of being a mother and to transcend those habits, in order to serve a bigger picture………you’ll always know Her presence because there will be a softness, there will be a gentleness, there will be a quality of perfect mothering, if you will, in which you feel like you just want to lay your head upon Her breast and dissolve away into the bliss of Love.”

The following two quotes from A Course of Love, The Dialogues capture the essence of the way of Mother Mary, “Christ-consciousness was represented not only by Jesus, but by his mother, Mary. Mary, like Jesus, realized full Christ-consciousness and full expression of Christ-consciousness in form. Each did so in individual ways, ways that revealed the choices available to those who would follow after them. One way, that of Jesus, was the way for those who approach Christ-consciousness through teaching and learning and leading example lives. Another way, that of Mary, was the way of creation, and was a representation and preparation for those who would approach Christ-consciousness through relationship.” (Day 17: the Fulfillment of the Way of Jesus, par. 9.)

“One way is active. One way is receptive. Yet the ways are not separate any more than Jesus was separate from Mary—-or any mother separate from her child. The ways are rather complimentary and symbiotic. Together they return wholeness and will bring about the completion of the time of Christ. This symbiotic working together will be essential for the birth of the new and in truth symbolizes it in form and process. As within, so without. Mary represents the relationship that occurs within, Jesus the relationship that occurs in the world.” (Day 18: the Way to Paradise, par. 2.)

   Affirmation of Wholeness

I recognize everyone as perfect creations of God.
When others see brokenness,
I see wholeness.
When we try to fix ourselves and others,
I affirm our innocence and perfection.
I forgive myself and others,
When we choose separation.
In joining, we embody Christ Consciousness

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