The Call for Love or Fear, Which will you Answer?


I was heartbroken by the election results. Not that I thought Hillary Clinton would be able to do anything, I just did not want to face living through four years of racist, misogynistic government under Trump. This was an election of fear. People voted from fear whether they voted for Hillary or Trump. I tried to tell myself that a vote for Hillary and the symbol of a woman as President would be a positive expression of healing the suppression of women. However, deep, deep down I voted out of fear because four years of Trump as President feels so much worse.

I return again to what I wrote in my last newsletter, the voice of the Divine Feminine has been released to join in harmony with the Divine Masculine to heal us into wholeness and union with the Mother/Father God. Patriarchy is over; the choice for separation is gradually slipping away in the cleansing flame of the Mother/Father God’s Love. I still trust that divine message. And, as I’ve allowed the grief and anger from the election to move through me, I’m coming home to myself once again. I can either choose to stay in the fear of separation or I can continue to answer the call to return to Love and give expression to the voice of the Divine Feminine.

A Course in Miracles says that people are either calling for love or expressing love. Answering the call to love means completely trusting that all is perfect and is as it should be, including this election. It means seeing the innocence in everyone that are still choosing separation and knowing that his or her anger and fear is only a call for love. It means totally trusting that Love is All There Is. And I can do no less but respond with the love that I Am. It means letting go and surrendering into Grace, the blessing of the Mother/Father God that embraces both the light and the dark. It means saying no to the fear that arises from this illusion of separation. Yet at the same time, it means realizing that fear is not my enemy for if I welcome it as a friend, it can guide me to my deepest essence, which is Love.

Unquestionably we have entered into what feels like another period of darkness. It’s difficult to believe that this is patriarchy’s last hurrah; it’s last gasp before succumbing to the Light. I feel weariness that I’ve done this in so many incarnations and experiences in this universe to no avail. Yet I know deep within that we are entering a new golden age on earth and we are now experiencing a transition into this higher vibration of unity consciousness.

Jesus says in A Course of Love, “This is the world you make. Love or fear is your reality by your choice. A choice for love creates love. A Choice for fear creates fear. What choice do you think has been made to create the world you call your home? This world was created by your choice and a new world can be created by a choice. But you must realize that this is all there is. Love or lack of love. Love is all that is real.” (C:1.18)

Answering the call for love is remembering that we are Love, nothing else. We chose to experience separation in order to learn that it is impossible to separate from the Mother/Father God’s all encompassing love, to become divinely human and create the new earth. The release of the Divine Feminine Voice after 30,000 years of patriarchy finally makes all of this possible. To understand why, it’s helpful to understand the dynamics of what occurred under patriarchy, so I’ve included a revision of what I wrote in my last newsletter.

In separation we divided the feminine and masculine energies into bodies and gender. With this splitting of masculine and feminine energies into gender identity, men cut off awareness of their feminine energy seeing it as a devaluing of what it means to be a man. They then look outside of themselves to women to fulfill what they thought they’d lost. When women cannot answer men’s longings for being whole again, they are blamed and hated, giving rise to misogyny. Misogyny is the extreme result of patriarchy. Donald Trump demonstrates very clearly this dynamic.

Under the guise of patriarchy, positive feminine energy is seen as: intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate yet it is also seen as weak, silent, and passively loving. And this feminine energy is traditionally viewed as the sole providence of women. The positive masculine energy delegated to men is seen as the voice of change, of power, of action, and progress. Therefore, women in order to rise from a second-class status adopt this form of male energy to shake off the role of having no power or voice. Most women learn well how to adopt these attributes of male energy in order to be seen as worthy and sometimes powerful under patriarchy. However, women are then blamed and hated for not staying solely with the devalued female energies. For even in separation there is a residual knowing that these feminine values are necessary for survival.

We’ve been under patriarchy so long we forgot that the Divine Feminine voice is not silent and passive; it is fierce and passionate in its unique purpose in union with the Beloved. And it is in this fierceness to the Truth of creation that the Divine Masculine is let go from the constraints of patriarchy to take its rightful place of protection and laser like clarity in support of the Divine Feminine. And the two join seamlessly in healing and wholeness and a return to Christ Consciousness.

As we are in the fledgling stage of the re-birth of the Divine Feminine individually and collectively, men and women are experiencing our own unique path to understanding and knowing what this means. No one person or current spiritual teacher, no matter how awake they appear to be, has the absolute knowledge of how it will manifest. In our beginning understanding and embrace of the Divine Feminine, we have yet to fully integrate what this means. All of us are still emerging from the pervasive influence of patriarchy. This is why the only teacher that speaks to me is my Higher Holy Self. Like the wise leader that listens to all opinions and then follows her heart that is what I’m doing. And in this lifetime I Am a voice of the Divine Feminine.

I’m just beginning to understand what this means. And to be truthful there are times I just want to stay on my mesa and disappear and let someone else do the heavy lifting of healing into wholeness. I keep having these thoughts that I’m getting too old to be a Voice of the Divine Feminine. Who Am I? Well, my Higher Holy Self knows and when I surrender to my True Self, I realize that I’m being called to my true purpose in union with the Mother/Father God. Being a voice for the Divine Feminine is not to create division between masculine and feminine energies but to bring balance to thousands of years of patriarchy. So those who are being called to be wayshowers of the Divine Feminine are being guided to be this Voice till balance, harmony and oneness is restored. I can be nothing else, but an anchor for Divine Feminine energy. It’s been suppressed for so long we must (I must) answer the call. Perhaps I’m to be the wise woman priestess for this Divine Feminine awakening.

This release of the Divine Feminine energy to join in harmony with the Divine Masculine energy is what heals us into wholeness and returns us to Christ consciousness and the creation of heaven on earth. We can do no less but to embrace it within ourselves. We are the presence of love, nothing else. And now with the fierceness of the Divine Feminine, we give voice to oneness, we stand in our Truth. And we hold this truth of the light of Christ in every one of us till everyone; absolutely everyone emerges from the choice to experience the darkness of separation to being the light of Love’s creation that is our sovereignty.










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